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Friday, June 10, 2011

Coming Soon: A New Perspective on Classic Video Games

Starting very, very soon, we will return and begin a new series focusing on old-school video games.  The tentative title of the series is the Classic Gaming Duel (that's "Duel" not "Dual") Retrospective, in which my friend Craig and I will offer two parallel opinions and perspectives on classic titles spanning multiple platforms.  The articles will be broken down to provide a complete chronicling of our return experience to the game and will also include a final opinion and an individual score from both of us.  We will also occasionally provide insight into the titles’ development teams, important contributions to the medium and other notable elements.  As some games are longer than others, naturally articles could span multiple publications and visitations.

If you love games, and you love to know more about where today’s games were born, you will love what we have in store.  The first game has yet to be named but the first article should be ready this week. 

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