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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The First Post: Why You Care.

     There are a lot of blogs online.  Millions.  So many of them are locked into a niche that keeps their laser pointer appeal focused on ideas like The Rod Stewart London Concert Blog and How Celebrities Celebrate St. Patrick's Day which leave their audience sort of... limited.  You aren't like the readers of those articles, however.  You are better than them!  Yeah!  I said it!  You see you have an understanding that the opinions of one asshole such as myself matter when they cover the things you actually care about.  That's why you clicked on the title right?  Now, if you are one of those people who know me, and are reading this to shut me up about it, you just wasted your time reading the above sentence and that is your punishment for thinking to yourself "I really don't give a crap what this is about."'

     So who am I? Where do my opinions come from?  All of these will slowly be revealed over time, but I will say I am a Libra, I am a musician, artist, and all around self-important jerk.  You'll find that out the first time I go on a rant about the Wii or Shia LaBeouf, but if you are a Wii or Shia LaBeouf enthusiast, God help you, and the Shia LeBeouf Playing Wii Blog can be found here.  (If you ARE Shia, then please read this.)

Now that you have a deeper understanding of why my opinion is more important than yours, you will continue to read this, salivating into the crevasses of your keyboard awaiting my next oh-so-important post.  With each post, a gift, and with each gift, you learn more about stuff you already knew; because that's what blogs are for, to reinforce the fact that you like something, by reading over and over stuff you already knew about that something.

Ok, I realize this preceding did not actually explain anything that will be in this blog, so if you are still curious, READ THE FREAKING TITLE!

I mean...  Really?

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