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Sunday, January 16, 2011

My 100 Favorite Video Games of All Time: Part I (100-91)

This is a newly revised list of my favorite video games of all time. It is different than the other one I made a while ago that is not on this blog.
The List

100 - Arch Rivals
I don't watch the NBA. I just don't have the interest. However, if they were punching each other in the face over and over to get the ball, it may be a little more interesting. Thus is the theme in this classic sports game on the NES. Some games are fun for sheer novelty value, this is one of those games. It is also one of the few sports titles on this list.

99 - Maniac Mansion
The adventure genre was exceptionally popular as we turned from the 80's into the 90's. Ron Gilbert did a great job of bringing the PC genre to the NES with the port of Maniac Mansion. It's absurd, funny and has a few moments that just may make some gamers jump! This one is a must play if you missed it.

98 - Gorf (Arcade)
I wonder how many people who read this article remembers or even heard of this one. Me? I spent fifteen years of my life playing it at my dentist's office. No joke. A cabinet title with only 5 levels and an actual last boss. For early 80's titles that was rarer than you may think, and this one is one of my favorites of that era.

97 - Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
This sleeper from the X-Box/PS2 generation is one of the best games of its era, but nobody played it. Metal Arms was a pretty challenging third person action game with platforming gameplay and controls modeled after Halo. It had a lot of great boss battles, some seriously tough choke points and some really solid multiplayer that is like Halo with platforming (redundant?). Despite the multiplayer, the lengthy single player story will keep you busy for hours on end. If you missed this one, you need to check it out.

96 – Fable
I love Peter Molyneux's games. Fable is his best. When Fable came out, there was nothing like it. The extremely deep story mode that altered the character and the events depending on how you played was still new at that time and while the arguably inferior Knights of the Old Republic did do the same thing, it just didn't feel as visceral as this one. I didn't click with my character on that game like I did with mine in Fable, which is why I consider Fable to be the better of the two. But that's just me.

95 - Kingdom Hearts
When I first heard about this game I was relatively indifferent. I didn't care all that much for the Disney angle, and the fact that Final Fantasy characters were in the game didn't sell me on it. My attitude changed when I played the game. I love this title, and why some may think the sequel is better (in some ways it is) it didn't feel as fresh as the first Kingdom Hearts. Despite some slightly lazy level design the game was, in its entirety, a wonderful experience. Can anyone say Sephiroth in real time? Anyone?

94 - Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy
Super Mario 64 created a mission-based platforming genre that continues to this day. Jak and Daxter is a very solid entry into this genre with beautiful and distinct level design, an interesting story and some great characters. The missions varied and it just felt familiar enough without coming off as a played out idea. Jak and Daxter is one of my all time favorite PS2 titles.  Oh and did I mention it's from Naughty Dog?  I LOVE NAUGHTY DOG!

93 - Tecmo Bowl
Madden. Psh. Tecmo Bowl was the shit. This was the first title to have an actual NFL license and offered twelve major NFL teams and their players. It had pseudo-realistic simulation of each player's strength and weaknesses and unlike Football (Another popular title of the same sport from that era), it helped to have knowledge of football as a sport to play it. Super Tecmo Bowl was a slightly more polished and fleshed out version of this one, but it's the original that more or less started the sports-simulation genre.

92 - Civilization 4
Sid Meyers is a smart guy. Civilization 4 is a deep, interesting and fun game that simulates the growth of nations throughout history. With multiple ways to achieve victory and a number of ways to reach those goals, it is a clever and very intricate title. Civ 4 did a lot to make more elements of the game more accessible, and this elevated it to superiority over its predecessors. I have not played 5 yet, but I'm planning on it.

91 - Double Dragon
Go, Billy Lee! Go! This brawler killed. It was just hard enough to require you to push your skills while being one of the most consistently solid games of its era. Double Dragon still holds up today as a great brawler and don't tell me you didn't love the music from level 1. If you say no, then you are a liar!

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  1. Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 were just plain fun. There's nothing like playing through movies you grew up watching.

    I preferred Tecmo Super Bowl, but you're right, it started with the original.