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Friday, December 17, 2010

30 Clever, Funny, Scary and Just Plain Entertaining Music Videos: Part 1

Introduction - Some music videos will be remembered as clever, fun, exciting and flat out genius. Most, however, are just forgettable. Usually they are vanity projects designed to show us how awesome, sexy, silly or normal the artist is. These videos are among those that stand out as especially clever, and while there are some that are left out, I know, these are MY personal favorites. Enjoy!

30 - Beck - New Pollution -
Like most videos by solo funnyman/musical prodigy Beck, this one is a chaotic barrage of strange imagery and seemingly clashing visual suggestions. It goes from a happy 50’s style sitcom intro to a psychedelic cavalcade that mocks go go videos, the Beatles and so much more. Very clever.

29 - Foo Fighters - Big Me
Foo Fighters’ members are known for appearing in their videos as multiple characters... and genders. This one is one of their best, a series of spoofs of popular Mentos ads replacing The Fresh Fighter’s label with Footos: the Fresh Fighter. This is one video that’s often overlooked in video lists, which is sad, because I really enjoy this one.

28 - Tool - Schism
What can I say about Tool. I love these guys. These unconventional rockers take rock beyond just a song and more towards a composition. The non-linear way in which their songs flow keeps things interesting, as do their utterly insane music videos, which never seem to feature the band. Schism is somewhat of an exception as the members appear in blurry flashes at the start, but from there we see freaky gray people with red things sticking out of their bodies. It’s nuts, and I love it!

27 - Smashing Pumpkins - 1979
They don’t even care. They really don’t. That’s why this seemingly normal night for a group of teenagers goes from fun romps to defiant displays to delinquency. The progression of the characters in the video is part of what makes it so great. Well, that and the moving song.

26 - Ok Go - This Too Shall Pass (Rube Goldberg Version)
Ok Go isn’t exactly my favorite band. They don’t suck, but they just don’t have a huge, unique sound to me. Still, this video, featuring a giant Rube Goldberg Contraption that runs the length of the entire song right on time is stunning and clever. I will give it up to this band, they do come up with some clever stuff!

25 - Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution
Todd McFarlane. In the 90s it seemed like he did everything. Aside from directing some animation for Korn, he also did this very overlooked video for grunge icons Pearl Jam. The video which focuses on evolution up to a point, then devolves into a series of disturbing visuals showing the darkest sides of man. The song is also very intense, pushing an energy that goes beyond what you normally heard from grunge rockers.

24 - Weezer - Pork & Beans
You Tube is huge, Weezer are talented nerds, put those two things together and you get Pork & Beans, a strange mash-up featuring a massive list of Internet “celebrities” made famous for their viral antics. It’s very funny. A reminder to me of how much I truly love Weezer.

23 - Green Day - Redundant
What better to do for a song called Redundant than to have a growing cast of people repeat the same thing over and over again until there is so much going on on screen it’s a little hard to keep up? Redundant is not one of Green Day’s singles that comes right off the tip of the tongue. But I will admit I do like the video a lot. It’s one of their best.

22 - Mutemath - Typical
The video for Typical was acted out backwards, then played in reverse. I kid you not. They played the song backwards. Well, they acted it out backwards, but it’s still pretty awesome. The song is great, the band is amazing and this is one epically awesome music video.

21 - Apex Twin - Come To Daddy
Did you bring a change of shorts? You may need one. I’m not sure what’s wrong with this guy, but he likes to put his face on other people’s heads. In this one, his face is stamped on kids. Which makes them creepy, flat out scary actually, and they chase a frightened old lady and other seeming normal patrons around an abandoned lot and an apartment building straight out of Chernobyl, or at least straight out of an Orson Welles movie.

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