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Saturday, December 18, 2010

30 Clever, Funny, Scary and Just Plain Entertaining Music Videos: Part 2

20 - Tool - Parabola
This is another one of those that may make you turn your head sideways.  A black dude with tentacles for eyebrows, a little stop-motion creature that dies and gets dissected by the aforementioned black guy and a big amorphous ball that floats in the air.  It’s so nuts that I love it.  I especially love the long version which opens with the prologue tune Parabol played over deformed businessmen who float over a table and vomit black paint, spinning slowly to paint a circle.

19 - Beck - Loser
Like Foo Fighters and Tool, Beck makes multiple appearances on this list because his brilliantly insane videos match perfectly with his delightfully strange lyrics.  The death theme in the video is presented in such an odd way )a coffin moving on its own across the ground, cheerleaders dancing in a graveyard and the grim reaper washing a car window with blood) that you can’t help but love this one.

18 - Switchfoot - We Are One Tonight
On a lighter side, We Are One Tonight, in my opinion, is one of the most brilliant videos ever conceived, and it would probably make my top 100 videos of all time.  The video shows the band’s motions matching perfectly with the motions of various people in a number of different scenarios, from work to gymnastics, to swinging.  The way the scenes and movements flow perfectly into each other is so seamless that it seems like a single sweeping motion, which is the idea.  Good stuff!

17 - Foo Fighters - Learn to Fly
What do you get when Tenacious D hides drugs in the coffee maker on board a commercial flight?  An utter disaster on board an airplane and the only people who can save the flight are the band members, who skipped the drugged coffee and went with good old alcohol, so they’re about at the same level of sobriety as any other commercial pilot.  The band members return pulling off the multiple roles thing and some of them are so funny that you might forget that it’s a band member you’re laughing at.

16 - Blur - Coffee & TV
LOL!  I love this one.  Remember Song 2?  You know?  The song that’s on every action movie trailer ever made?  Well, this is NOT that song.  Blur’s Coffee & TV is a poppy, simple rock song with vocal harmonies and a nice bouncy rhythm.  The video follows a milk carton trying to find the missing band member on his side, so the mini milk carton walks around town, hitchhikes and even meets a pink, strawberry milk carton, and they fall in love.  They both die by the end.  It’s okay though, because we get to watch their spirits take flight as the milk carton angles make towards Heaven.


15 - Interpol - Evil
A car accident, a tragedy, a really freaking scary puppet.  I love this one a lot.  Another that would rank amongst my favorite videos ever.

14 - Genesis - Land of Confusion

13 - Fatboy Slim - Weapon of Choice
The premise of this video is simple.  Christopher Walken dances... and... um... flies around a hotel lobby.  Win guys!  Epic win!

12 - Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight
This video, which resembles a Vaudeville stage show is another one of the greatest ever made.  The song fits perfectly with the protagonists’ amazing journey from the sky to the sea to the moon and results in one of the most delightful music videos ever conceived.


11 - Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence
Aside from being one of my favorite songs from the 80s, Enjoy the Silence is a very interesting video.  A king without a kingdom you could say.  He wanders beautiful landscapes attempting to stake his claim, nothing seems to fulfill him, however.

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  1. Switchfoot video = awesome

    Fatboy Slim = epic funny