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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Our Top 40 Favorite Anime Openings-  40-36
Cartoon by Christopher McElfresh

40 - Ghost Stories 7.5/10
Grow Up” by Hysteric Blue

Smartass kids make for good watchin’ and Ghost Stories is one of the better shows for this.  The intro is a childish chant of “Kimi no koto, watashi no koto” inviting a new experience for the kids we see in the presented during the opening credits.  The cutesy verse actually contrasts the grey and dark backgrounds we see through much of the opening animation.  This is a well compiled opening and has some nice imagery from the show.  Grow Up is an okay song, though it is a little annoying at times.  

If you’ve ever wanted to watch a completely racist dub of a super serious ghost hunting anime, this is your choice right here. The opening was alright, but the core of this anime lies in the humor you’ll find in the english version of the dub. There are classics such as “The internet was a gift from the lord Jesus Christ to spread the word of God until it was taken by pedophiles and muslims”, or “Alright everyone, it’s 4:30. School is finally over. Time to go home, Load up that bong, and watch Pokemon!”

If you want to catch these and other racist, sexist, or any other type of -ist jokes, check out the link below, They make fun of everything, which is great. They don’t stop making jokes because its wrong, because free speech? It’s RIGHT.

39 - Star Ocean EX 7.51/10 Go to the Light”  by Amika Hattan

This is a solid intro for its animation.  The intro song is fun but the performer’s vocals are a little shaky.  The song could have benefitted from just a little more energy.  Still, I enjoy this opening for its composition and some of the background music.

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38 - Samurai Champloo 7.75/10
"Battlecry" by Nujabes and Shing02

Feudal Edo-period Japan and hip-hop go together like butter and toast.  I would have never even considered this possibility until I saw Samurai Champloo.  The intro to Champloo is one with tremendous energy and style, mixing Takeshi Koike’s fantastic artwork, Kazuto Nakazawa’s legendary character design and animation and the new-world charm of an urban soundtrack.  While not as clever or captivating as the opening to Cowboy Bebop, this is one fun intro to watch, and it’s pretty to boot.

This is one that I voted really high. Originally made by the same guys who made bebop, the opening tells you everything that you need to know about the characters, the setting, and even the personalities of said characters. You can tell that Fuu is a bit seductive, and clumsy. You can tell that Gene is a traditional samurai in his swordplay. You can see that Mugen is very unorthodox in the same way. You can tell that the story takes place in feudal japan. And this is all done wordlessly. The song has absolutely nothing to do with what’s actually going on here.

37 - Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 7.75/10
"Y'know" by Yu Asakawa

This is a hyperactive, kinetic intro for a great anime.  The song, however, is not one of my favorites.  I do love how the characters are introduced, however.  That said, this is a pretty pedestrian intro for a show that should be presented gloriously and, sincerely, I don’t believe it does this awesome anime justice.

I agree with Chris on this one completely. The content of the anime dwarfs the intro to a large degree. The song is par for the course, and the intro does a good job of providing insight towards exactly what you’ll see in the anime.. to a lesser degree.

36 - Last Exile 7.81/10
"Cloud Age Symphony" by Shuntaro Okino

This opening is very, very pretty.  Very pretty.  The art for Last Exile is just stunning throughout, but in the opening you get a nice taste of how this show really looks.  It is well-composed, laying out what is to be a very complex story of war and politics in the endless skies but in a way that is dramatic and adventurous.  The song mixes everything from a mouth harp to a bagpipe to lead into its techno-beat roaring anthem.  It is definitely one of the more musically-creative opening themes and it really paints a good picture of what is to come.

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