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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Our 40 Favorite Anime Openings - 25 - 21

Cartoon by Christopher McElfresh

25 - Maburaho
Koi no Mahou (Magic of Love)
Another good intro for an anime I do not much care for.  The opening animation features the male lead running from a lovely but obviously obsessed girl (reiterating I do not know much about the premise, only the little I saw) who remains in pursuit.  He finds himself under siege by every anime cliche on the books and ultimately is saved by the girl he fled from the start.  The song is really the winner for me.  It’s just bright and cheery in the right way.  I do have odd taste, but this song is one of my favorite anime themes... for some inexplicable reason.  

24 - Midori Days

This is a charming intro with some nice animation which is an interesting contrast to what just may be the single most bizarre anime I’ve ever seen.  Midori Days is the story of a street-fighting high school brute who just wants a girlfriend and then one day wakes up with the tiny body of a girl attached where his right hand used to be, a girl who is in actuality comatose at home.  This freaky, slightly perverse premise does make for some great comedy and a few surprisingly tender moments, despite how insane the plot is.  The intro paints a nice picture and gives us a hint of what’s to come in this odd show.

23 - Fate/Zero (2nd Opening)
"To The Beginning:

This anthemic opening features some of the best artwork on this list.  The stunning background art sets the stage along with a delightfully-composed orchestral rock theme that is both energetic and mournful.  One of the stronger, more serious intros in the list, this is good stuff, full of jaw-dropping lighting effects in the animation.

NOTE: I was not able to find a YouTube version of the opening with the song, I did embed a cut of the song with some animation in its stead.

22 - .Hack//Roots

FictionJunction Yuuka
Another fairly simple, yet beautifully-animated opening, this one, like our number 23-scoring opening features a nice anthemic song with great artwork and animation.  There is definitely an air of adventure coming off of this introduction.  I love how everything moves, it is a nice work and sets the stage for the show well.

21 - Vandread (1st Season)

From another one of my personally favorite anime, Vandread’s first opening starts with a fairly traditional J-Rock piece until the wailing guitar takes over, sustained by heavy feedback and distortion.  From here the song picks up and becomes one of my favorites.  The animation introduces this huge cast of characters (most of which are very important to the plot in some way) well, present them and their traits and often their relationships with each other.

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