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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My 100 Worst Movies of the 90's - 40 - Buddy (1997)

Buddy is a family dramedy that is largely forgotten, for good reason.  The plot follows Trudy Lintz (Rene Russo), who has a habit of raising animals as children.  She and her husband adopt a gorilla who they name “Buddy” and as he grows older he becomes more and more difficult to control.  This all culminates to an ending that is supposed to be both touching and fact-based.

First off, there are some people that liked this movie.  It has a sort of cult following with some audiences.  I don’t see why.  The unconvincing animatronics and poor depiction of wild animals as domesticated and fun-loving was the subject of a lot of scrutiny.  But that’s not solely why this movie is on this list.  

Buddy is just a bad movie.  It isn’t cute, it isn’t clever, the performances are bad all around and the idea of a gorilla as a pet is not only absurd, but it is laughable.  This movie, like so many others about primates, focuses a lot on how cute they are, and kind of forgets that they like to take your face off on occasion.  Given better screenwriting and performances, this might have been an enjoyable movie.  Though, I doubt it.

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