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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

E3 2012 - Update - Avengers: Battle for Earth

I honestly do not know much about this game at this time.  From first-hand accounts it is a fighting game that allows you to choose from a large number of popular Marvel characters and offers several different modes of play.  The thing that sets this fighter apart from other, traditional, fighters however, is the implementation of Kinect or Wii U controls.  I'll kick off this little spiel with the amazing trailer shown at the Ubisoft press conference.

That trailer looks amazing, and I wasn't sure what to expect from gameplay, but I didn't expect this.  The game has a series of reactive poses you can take that appear on your side of a split screen.  You take the pose or make the action that is shown and the character performs the move associated with that action.  Now, while this sounds like a good idea on paper, the motion controls, especially those of the Kinect, are less-than-accurate.  Fighting games requite a degree of twice-reflexes that don't manifest well in the clunky motion controls 360 players are currently used to.  Unless they've refined how accurate the Kinect actually is, they will be issues with gameplay.  Also, there's the big issue of space.  Playing the Kinect takes up a great deal of space  and to have two people playing side by side, you would need a lot of floor room to pull this action off.  I have to admit, as excited as I was by the trailer, I'm a little skeptical after seeing these videos.

Now, these appear to be Kinect (obviously) and the Wii U's controls may be a little more refined, so we'll see how that version is when it launches.  I'm just not convinced that the Kinect is really ready for a fighting game that is actually meant to be fast-paced.  The gameplay videos above look slow and almost turn-based in their pacing.  I honestly don't know about this one guys, but I could be wrong.  If this works, and is successful, it could open up a brand new world for fighting games, and that is an exciting proposition.

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