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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

E3 2012 - Update - NBA Baller Beats

Another motion rhythm game, NBA Baller Beats uses Kinect to capture your dribbling skills and uses music to help you improve your handling. In NBABB you use your own real ball, dribbling to the commands as they appear, the circle on the left of the track meaning you use your left hand, the right, your right hand. Icons for crossovers a shot motion and more also add to the difficulty, the idea being to make the ball make contact with the ground to the beat of the music. It looks like a solid game, if it works. I revert back to my previous statements about Kinect technology. It's just not there yet. Still, this looks like it could be a fun experience if the gameplay is tight and responsive.

This is one of those games that has the potential to be an addictive and fun party game, but it has even more potential to be broken and unplayble, given the track record of most games that use Kinect. Now, I had a hard time finding good gameplay videos that actually show how this game works so here is one from GameXplain that I found that does show simultaneous player motion and real time game footage.  Expect this one sometime late summer/early fall 2012.

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