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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

E3 2012 - Update - Demon's Score

It's undeniable that moble devices and tablets are one of the fasting growing gaming platforms out there, so it is no surprise that major developers are starting to develop more and more high-profile games for them.  Demon's Souls is a new rhythm/action title from Square Enix that uses touch screen technology to fight baddies as a comically-endowed woman and her furry pet fly through a looping corridor.

Gameplay wise it resembles Elite Beat Agents only with slightly worse graphics.  The game, as shown in the demo here looks incredibly easy, but I'm sure this is either an earlier stage or a lower difficulty level.  This genre never really caught my attention but it may bridge the gap and attract more people to popular titles on other major platforms, and I'm always for expanding the gaming market.  It's also good to see that companies are making titles that appeal to wider audiences that aren't Cooking Mama and crappy motion-controlled shovelware.

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