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Friday, June 1, 2012

My 100 Worst Movies of the 90's - 15 - Little Indian, Big City (1994)

Little Indian, Big City (1994; Canal)
Speaking of disturbed little movies, we have a French film!  Well, not all French films are bad, but this one is especially bad for any country.  Little Indian, Big City is an aggravating little picture complete with terrible dubbing, bad acting, a dumb plot and really stupid comedy.  

If you read #50’s plot, it’s exactly the same here.  The only difference is instead of taking place in New York City, the film takes place in Paris.  Even many of the character names are the same.  This movie is worse for a few reasons, though.  First off, as mentioned, the dubbing is terrible.  I mean, really bad.  There is a subtitled version of the film but to appeal to family audiences this one was released in the 90’s with some of the worst English voice overs imaginable. Another aspect of the film that’s worse is the so-called “Indian”.

Mimi-Siku in Jungle 2 Jungle was at least convincing (some of the time), here he just looks like a creepy kid wearing a bad Halloween costume.  His behavior is also far less inconspicuous, and even a little psychotic.  The other characters, especially the other male leads, are abnormally clingy and almost desperate, not to mention stupid.  We get scene after scene of the stupid kid doing some weird stunt followed by his father panicking, stopping him and trying to explain to the kid why he can’t do that.  Little Indian, Big City is not just one of the worst family films of the 90’s, it’s one of the worst ever.

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