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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

E3 2012 - Update - Forza: Horizon

I love the Forza Motorsport franchise and Forza: Horizon, while being a huge departure, appears to be a positive step forward for the excellent driving series.  The biggest superficial change for this installment  is the inclusion of an open world to explore.  Inspired by the ranges and valleys of Colorado, the world of Forza Horizon is vivid and expansive.  Very little of the world has been shown from E3, but what I've seen takes place in a desert environment surrounded by rock formations that are distinctly American in their appearance.  I can only hope there's more verity than this as I fear the onset of Borderlands Fatigue may result for too much continuous play in the same freaking desert world.

Still, what I've seen of Forza: Horizon is promising.  There seems to be a major emphasis on the thrill of driving and, by developer Turn 10's own admission, a love for cars.  The game looks to be a top-shelf project from one of the most reliable developers out there.  I have included a video from IGN showing off this game's gorgeous graphics and gameplay.  This one is scheduled for release near the end of 2012, so keep your eyes open.

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