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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

E3 2012 - UPDATE - Previews, previews, previews

Here are my thoughts on a few games I haven't fully covered yet.

Sound Shapes - Sound Shapes is a new puzzle/music/platformer from Queasy games that creates music as you play.  The faster and better you are, the better the music you create.  It looks like a solid game.

Lego Lord of the Rings - This franchise is still going strong and a Lord of the Rings game was inevitable.  The game looks good with solid graphics and characters that all play differently.  It looks to be a fun, family-friendly title and a must-have for Tolkien fans.

Zombi U - After seeing some gameplay for the upcoming Wii U title, I can honestly say I'm excited about this game.  In a dark lot, lit only by a few sparse fires, the player embodies a named character, attempting to survive as long as possible against the zombie hordes.  Using the Wii U GamePad the player was able to take pictures of the game, as though he was holding a camera in-game.  When that hero died, the player took control of another survivor in an apartment, where looking into a box revealed its contents on the GamePad, as though the box is in your hands.  This is very, very clever stuff and you can expect to see more Wii U implementation that resembles this, rather than using it as a tacky gimmick, like motion controls often are.

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